My Services Offered

I help people improve their health and well-being through individual nutritional consultations and coaching as well as in groups through workshops and talks.

Individual 1:1 Consultations

Many clients come for a consultation as they know they need to change their diet to improve their health and wellbeing.  They may be experiencing digestive upsets, low energy, low mood, trying for a baby, dealing with stress or going through a transition such as the menopause.  Or you may want to know what to eat to help keep you and your family healthy.  I offer individual consultations in face-to-face meetings or via Skype.

After discussing your needs, goals, medical history, diet and lifestyle a personalised plan will be developed.  I work with you to focus on what you want to achieve and how this can fit into your lifestyle.  We can discuss easy, nutritious, nourishing ways of eating!  It’s not about perfection it’s about developing and  maintaining healthy habits.

Cost:  Initial £65   
Follow up £45

Nutritional Coaching Packages

I have a passion to educate about the powerful benefits of food to help you move towards vibrant health with a realistic plan that fits into your lifestyle.

I don’t preach or judge, I just want to help you and support you on your journey.  I want to help you make simple, positive effective changes – to eat better to feel better whether you are a busy working mum, business person, student, carer or going through a transition such as pregnancy or the menopause. I have helped many people over the years change their diet and food with great results.

Cost: Details and prices to follow.

Workshops & Talks

I love doing my workshops and talks on various topics such as Eat to help Beat Stress, Eating for Energy, Food and Mood and Feeding your Family.

I do 2 hour workshops from JW Physiotherapy in South Queensferry, Om Yoga Centre in Livingston but they are also portable.  I have led group workshops and talks in various locations such as at a participants home for a group of mums,  a powerpoint presentation at the Royal Bank of Scotland for over 40 people, a talk at McMillan Centre in Livingston and given talks at local schools and offices.

From these talks / workshops you will get:

  • hints and tips on how to improve your nutrition and lifestyle to support stress, energy, mood or other chosen topic to start using straight away
  • What foods and nutrients help relieve stress and which one make it worse!
  • Simple positive food changes
  • A relaxing, informal small group environment
  • Handouts, tea and healthy cake

Get in touch to find out how these workshops can help you and your friends, work colleagues and family.

Cost:  £20 per person for a two-hour workshop.

Are you getting the best from your staff at work?

Health conditions such as low energy, low mood, digestive upsets and other conditions can affect performance at work and lead to increased staff absenteeism, which can cost businesses money.  Good nutrition is one way to help improve employee health and productivity and decrease staff absence.  Get in touch to discuss a workshop that would suit your staff needs.

Providing and educating employees with practical tools to improve dietary and lifestyle choices can help break unhealthy food cycles and maintain better health and productivity in a busy place of work.  Positive changes to food and nutrition can lead to:

  • improved mood and energy levels
  • more focus and concentration
  • improved immunity and less colds and other infections
  • weight balance and a reduction in digestive symptoms

Talks/workshops for businesses, community groups, et cetera:  pricing on request.

Client Testimonial:

“I enjoyed all of the presentation, especially the different foods which can help boost energy and reduce stress.  Thank you Anne!”

Royal Bank of Scotland
Nutrition Workshop