The Festive season is now in full swing, shopping, eating, drinking, socialising, maybe you are feeling a bit of pressure and stress.
Most of us over eat and over drink over the festive period, this can easily happen! But it can often leave us feeling sluggish, more stressed, suffering from digestive symptoms and quite frankly stuffed!

We can be mindful of how much we are eating (not so easy to do I know) and listen to our bodies when they are trying to communicate they are full! We often just do mindless eating over this period, I know when there are nibbles and crisps out in front of me, my arm seems to go into involuntary stretching and grasping motion!
We can focus on some healthier nibbles such as nuts, dried fruits, olives, slices of tangerine, dates, some dark chocolate and veg sticks and hummous instead of it all being sugary and fat laden heavy snacks which can sap our energy and mood.

Remember our Christmas Dinner has many positive benefits, the turkey or other meat helps produce tryptophan which then supports our levels of happy chemical serotonin. Cranberry sauce is bursting with nutrients. Our carrots, Brussels, parsnips, broccoli, potatoes are great at topping up our vitamins and minerals. Light soups, salads or seafood starters are easier on the digestion.

Here are a few additional tips to support your digestion over the festive period.
· Carry around some digestive enzymes to have with bigger meals as this can aid digestion of food and lessen digestive symptoms such as burping, bloating and indigestion.
· Have an after dinner fennel or peppermint tea
· Have a herbal digestive bitter before meals or enjoy an alcoholic bitter aperitif such as Campari after your meal!
· Try to enjoy your food and take time to chew!
· Probiotics are good for digestive and immune system. Over eating and drinking can play havoc with our immunity over the festive season
· When out at parties try to have a little protein such as meat, fish, nuts, eggs beans etc as this helps regulate blood sugar levels, and keep our energy and mood more even
· Even before you go out have a light snack so your blood sugar is not so low you could eat the whole buffet when you get there!
· Having some water as well as alcohol can help reduce the hangover or sore heads
· Taking Vitamin C, some B vitamins and Milk Thistle before and after alcohol may help lessen hangovers as they help to detoxify your liver
· Enjoy your festive food, fun and social times, family and friends and give gratitude for having food and company to share it with
Anne xx