I don’t think I am the only one, but I find modern life overwhelming a lot of the time, especially the amount of information on anything from self help, the beauty industry, how we should be, how we should look, how you should be in business, constantly fast moving technology at the speed of light and the foods or nutrition we should be eating….. my poor wee brain is often exhausted and overstimulated. It`s no wonder I retreat to the solitude of nature, being with a good friend over a cup of tea or having a big gin to quieten the mind!

As a nutritionist I get overwhelmed with the constant changes and conflictions within the nutrition world, media and newspapers hailing the latest fad diets, another food that will make us ill, what we need to eat now to live to 100! This is me as a health professional who can struggle with knowledge I have gained, let alone a lay person or someone who just wants to eat a bit better! What`s good, what`s bad, high fat, low fat, how many calories of this or that (oh that even rhymes!) No wonder we are exhausted with it all.

My motivation and passion for keeping doing some of what I do is to try to help others to eat better to feel better, both physically and mentally. It`s about looking at “Real Food” that came from nature V “manmade food” from a factory and how they affect our bodies and minds. I don’t subscribe to any specific diet whether that’s vegan, more low carb such as Atkins, Raw food diet, South Beach diet, Zone diet or Ketogenic diet.

They can all have their place but what we have to remember is that to begin with we need to move away from lots of processed and junk foods and start the basics such as drinking more water, having some healthy fats, eating complex/wholegrain carbs if tolerated and eating more fruit and veg. I had a client who has struggled with her food as long as I have known her, several years. The last time I saw her she had been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, was still eating a lot of sugary foods and she had bought a book on the Keto Diet (very low carb, high fat diet) and asked if she should try it. Knowing her from the past and her difficulties with sugar cravings and food, I suggested she try to go back to basics to reduce greatly her sugar intake, increase good quality protein to help control blood sugar and reduce her cravings and look for healthier snacks.

I also suggested she see a hypnotherapist to maybe help with her sugar issues. She would have found the switch to Keto very difficult if she could not easily make simple changes and also this may have been too much for her body to cope with. She was thinking the Keto diet would be a quick fix for her.

I have changed my way of working quite a lot now with clients. I have realised we are all different, all unique with different needs, likes and dislikes, metabolism, genetics, ability to process different foods etc I make suggestions but get clients to try to tune into their bodies (and brains and emotions) to see how they feel after eating certain foods, what gives them more energy, what can make them feel sluggish or low, what they enjoy eating for example. We need to start moving away from what others tell us we should be doing, looking like or eating to becoming more self-reliant on what is right for us as an individual.
It`s not about being perfect or restrictive or feeling deprived. It`s about eating as best as you can, as much as you can, enjoy a treat and don’t beat yourself up if you feel you have eaten the “wrong” food or have a binge. Just keep calm and get back on track! Anne xx