We are now in summertime! Scotland has actually had some lovely weather over the last few weeks. A change in temperature here or abroad can sometimes affect how we feel. So here are some tips to help stay well during summertime.

Keep up your fluids to help prevent headaches, dehydration and to keep your skin healthy. When it is warmer we sweat more. Carry a bottle of water with you. Remember if you are enjoying some alcohol with your BBQ or out in the garden have some water too! Enjoy the sun, to help top up your Vitamin D, but don’t overdo it as you can burn, feel tired and also too much sun can give some a headache. Wear a hat and some sunscreen – I use Aloe vera sun lotion. Aloe vera gel is also soothing for skin that has had too much sun. Listen to your body and find some shade!

Warmer weather can upset our digestion as can change in diet and water on holiday. Top up on foods such as natural yoghurt, fruit, veg, onions, garlic, bananas, leeks and artichokes and probiotic supplements before you go away and during your holiday. These foods and supplements help support our healthy gut bacteria which in turn aid digestion and immunity. Probiotics can help diarrhoea, constipation and lessen the risk of infection.
Give your diet a berry boost – choose from strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries etc Berries are rich in antioxidants which support health, reduce the ageing process and also can help reduce sun damage. Enjoy fresh salads bursting with nutrients! You may feel less hungry in warmer weather so eat light but try not to let your blood sugar drop then you will reach for the sugary foods and drinks!

Citronella candles or aromatherapy oil can help keep mosquitos or midgies at bay! The Australian Bush flower Travel Essence can help with jet lag. Acupuncture wrist bands may help if you suffer from travel sickness. They do help my husband John as he is not good on boats!
Although summer can be a time of fun and outdoor living, many suffer from seasonal allergies or Hayfever. It is best to consult a natural practitioner for a tailored programme but natural anti-histamines include nettle tea, ginger tea, dried chamomile flowers made into a tea with a little honey and lemon, onions, garlic, quercitin and Vitamin C. Vogel`s Luffa Complex can help ease the symptoms of hayfever. Horseradish acts as a decongestant. Apple cider vinegar diluted in water may aid reduction of allergy symptoms. Reduce mucous forming foods and inflammatory foods such as sugar, caffeine, alcohol, wheat and dairy products. Eat healthy fats such as oily fish, avocados, nuts and seeds. Keep windows shut and night and try putting some Vaseline inside your nostrils to trap the pollen.

Enjoy time out in nature, just being, listening to the birds, looking at the beautiful colours of flowers, working or sitting in your garden. Have a picnic in the park or on a beach.  Slowing down physically helps slow down our minds. Enjoy some outdoor pursuits such as walking, swimming, cycling or Watersports. Being out in nature is grounding, calming and helps boost happy chemicals in our brain. Enjoy the simple pleasures and time with family and friends. I love the beach and sea and definitely tend to slow down on holiday. Playing bat and ball, colouring in, walking along the beach helps us become more present.
Anne xx

Watermelon and spinach super salad from BBC Good Food
• 100g quinoa
• 2 tbsp pumpkin seeds
• ½ small watermelon skin and seeds removed and cut into chunks
• 80g baby spinach
• 1 ripe avocado peeled and sliced
• ½ small pack fresh mint finely chopped
• 50g feta crumbled
• Juice 1 lime
• 1 punnet salad cress
1. Rinse the quinoa, then put it in a pan with a fitted lid and cover with 200ml water. Cook, covered, over a medium heat for 15 mins or until fluffy and the water has been absorbed. Don’t worry if it catches on the bottom at little. Fork through to separate the grains , then leave to cool.
2. Meanwhile, heat a frying pan over a medium heat and toast the pumpkin seeds for 1 min or until they start to pop. Tip into a serving bowl or on a platter with the watermelon, spinach, avocado, mint and feta. Toss through the quinoa , then squeeze over the lime juice with a pinch of seasoning. Top with the cress and serve.