I am currently coming out of another cycle of anxiety and the words I have used have been stronger than “Oh No!”
I have now realised that just because we have moved on and got better from or overcome a symptom or condition or illness – whether anxiety, depression, cancer, back pain doesn`t mean it won`t reoccur. We can look at it as another healing, another learning or the fact we are human.

This time though many days are very difficult, weeks of little sleep, on the whole I didn’t let me inner critic tell me I was a bad mum/wife/daughter etc for feeling like this again. I also realise that mostly, without judgement I have and still am letting the fear re symptoms and what was happening and how I was feeling to fuel the fire so to speak and prolong the cycle. And of course fear fuels how I feel then my body crashes.

My head can get totally blocked, jammed with thoughts, fears, trying to work out what to do and make simple tasks and functioning hard. I am trying to release the focus on “anxiety” and look at it as an energy that needs to be released.
I thought, oh I have written a book about recovering from anxiety and low mood – that`s a laugh look at me. But that is life and I can relearn from what I have written. I also realise again patterns of trying to “fix” myself looking at what else I could try, what other therapy could help and getting very in my head about what others say. Instead of looking at what helps me in my toolkit and the help of people I know and trust such as Shirley and Zoe at Heart to Shine.

So what do I need to focus on from my toolkit:
• Exercise to burn off stress hormones and chemicals
• Breathing /belly breathing/ meditation/any other form of relaxation – hard I know in an anxious state
• Looking up at something and focusing eg a branch or part of a tree outside and breathing – this helps calm and take us out of our mind. Or look around the room which helps us feel more present. Echkart Tolle talks a lot about the now, presence and stepping out of thoughts

  • Eating food and having protein even though I have felt nauseous and sick – protein helps keep up blood sugar levels. If our blood sugar levels crash this can make stress, anxiety and fear worse. Sugar, caffeine and processed carbs can spike blood sugar and adrenalin making us feel worse.
    • Acceptance of how I feel in each moment – still working on this one big time. But when we accept where we are then the sensations and mind chatter can lose their power.
    • Trying to say no to thinking ahead as this can trigger more anxiety / stress eg for me how will I cope, Being mindful of what I am thinking, telling myself I am not my thoughts……
  • stop reading, analysing things, making a big energy block in my head

We can always move forward again, it is learning and finding the tools that help us. Anne xx