Although many people choose the New Year to make changes, we do have the potential to make changes all year round. Often people make New Year Resolutions which can often fail after a few weeks. Maybe we put too much pressure on ourselves, we aren`t ready or are afraid of change or we just aren’t focused enough.

I suppose I like the term “intentions” better as intentions direct your attention to what you want to achieve whether this is eating more healthily, getting more exercise, doing some regular meditation, learning something new or taking more time to rest. I find it beneficial to write down my intentions in a notebook, detailing what I wish to achieve and how I will do this. This year I want to get a new part time job, take little steps to promote my book and do more meditation/breathing.

Try to make your intentions / goals realistic, what can you manage? Why do you want to make these changes – what benefits will they bring to your life? Make time to imagine what change for the better will look like in your life. This could be more energy, more time for you, feeling fitter and healthier, doing more purposeful work or being kinder to yourself.

We often don’t stick to our plan or goals as we may try to do too much at once and feel overwhelmed. Break your intentions/goals down, do a little often. Regularly doing something makes it easier to become a habit. Small regular actions can give big rewards. I also think it is important to stop always striving for perfection. Remember we are human, be flexible, we can go off track from time to time.
If your aim or intention is to eat more healthily chose 2 or 3 areas you know you can change and make a habit eg drinking more water, having a protein rich breakfast, eat more “real” foods, having more different coloured fruit and veg each week or incorporating some healthy fats into your diet.

We have to remember also that intentions and new beginnings don’t have to be big and dramatic. As Lorna Bryne in her book A Year with Angels says “ New beginnings are often about having a change of attitude about ourselves. Allow yourself to feel love and compassion for yourself”. I totally relate and agree with this. As when we start to love, appreciate, see our beauty and care for ourselves more – whatever we intend to do whether changing our diet, doing more exercise, giving ourselves time or joining a new activity club becomes easier.

Try to start with the willingness to make change, believe you can, value who you are already and then take small positive steps towards your goals. Some other ideas to help you on your way could be using a diary to lay out plans, make a vision board with cuttings, words or images that relate to your goal/intention, write an affirmation you can see daily eg “I have a great new part time job” or “ Eating healthily is easy for me” “I love how exercise makes my body feel”. Enjoy the process as well as the end result!!
Please share your intentions/goals and what helps you. Anne xx