What do you eat for breakfast? Do you gulp down a cup of coffee with a slice of toast, or grab a muffin on the way to work or a bowl of sugary cereal? Do you eat breakfast at all?
Having only coffee, sugary cereals or high carb items such as muffins, white bagels and white toast (although yummy!) can spike blood sugar levels, followed by blood sugar crashes and low energy shortly after, triggering cravings for more of the same! Also those who skip breakfast are less likely to eat fruit and veg during the day, therefore having lower intakes of vitamins and minerals.

Having a higher protein breakfast can help us feel fuller for longer, snack and eating less during the day. Research actually demonstrates that those who eat a higher protein breakfast have much reduced cravings for sugary foods for the rest of the day.  Higher protein meals can release ghrelin – a hunger hormone which increases feelings of saiety and fullness. If you feel fuller and more satisfied you can then make healthier choices. A higher protein breakfast can also fuel metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day and may reduce the likelihood of conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes.

Good protein sources can include eggs, beans, nuts, seeds, fish, lean meats, natural yoghurt and protein powders. The addition of some healthy fats at breakfast such as olive oil, coconut oil, avocado and seeds can also boost metabolism and even out blood sugar levels. Well controlled blood sugar throughout the day helps stabilise energy, mood and weight.

Here are some higher protein breakfast suggestions:
• Scrambled eggs or tofu with veg
• Porridge with nuts/seeds/ground flaxseeds and natural or Greek yoghurt with a little fruit
• Or natural / Greek / coconut yoghurt with the above
• Boiled egg and an oatcake or rye toast
• Smoothies made with milk/yoghurt/coconut oil/fruit/nuts, seeds/fruit/protein powder such as hemp, pea, rice or whey
• Boiled egg with feta/olives/tomatoes/cucumber – a more Mediterranean style breakfast
• Lean bacon with mushrooms and tomatoes
• Mackerel, reduced sugar baked beans, mushrooms and tomatoes on wholegrain or rye toast
Mushroom and seed pate – soak 5 tsp seeds overnight eg pumpkin, sunflower in a little water. Saute the mushrooms with garlic then blend the seeds with a small hand blender. Serve with sliced tomatoes and rye or wholegrain toast.
I usually have eggs, with avocado and some veg as my staple. I know people may be short of time in the morning, but fuelling yourself is important to help you through your day! Have some boiled eggs in the fridge, make up a porridge or oat bowl the night before, get up 5 minutes earlier!   Anne xx