We went Glamping to Loch Tay at the weekend. We are lucky here in Scotland as we have so much nature within a short drive. We stayed in a Wigwam much to Sophia`s delight! I do find that being out in fresh air, natural beauty with quality time spent together can help us slow down, feel more free, appreciate and have gratitude for the simple things. The only noise on the campsite was the chatter of children and the chirping of birdsong!

I only turned my phone on to take some photos, the Wifi was a bit haphazard anyway. I find now when I am away I don’t want to scroll facebook, check emails or surf the net. I felt happier not constantly checking my phone.

We climbed up a hill, played in swingparks, Sophia tried to fly her kite, we enjoyed teas and coffees in local villages and browsed in gift shops. We sat around the outdoor fire pit chatting and looking at the beauty around us. And having a beer and a Gin and Tonic – to add to the relaxed feeling while Sophia toasted marshmallows!  I have not sat around an outdoor fire for years – it was so calming, cosy and mesmorising
The view from the wigwam was lovely and on the second morning I opened the curtains to a pink sky and mist clouds half way down the hills – beautiful.

What is it about being in nature? Many humans are drawn to the great outdoors – I think it helps us reconnect, recharge, become more present and uplifted. We get time away from busyness, traffic, noise and demands.
“Negative ions” are invisible molecules that we inhale in natural environments such as beaches, mountains, rivers and forests. Science confirms what we instinctively know about being outdoors. Once these ions reach our bloodstream, they are believed to produce chemical reactions that help increase levels of our good mood hormones serotonin and endorphins. These hormones help boost our mood, calm our nervous system, help us sleep better and boost our daytime energy.

How does getting out in nature or the great outdoors make you feel? It could be a lunchtime walk in a park or a weekend visit to a local beach, river or forest. Please comment – does it make you feel a little calmer, boost your energy a bit, help you rebalance before carrying on with your day? Where have you been that you love? Anne xx