Whether home or away – holidays are not always perfect but they can often ignite some passion and fun for life away from the daily routine. In Portugal this year I felt “alive” on a speedboat trip, had fun jumping over the waves in the sea with Sophia and down water slides in the aqua park and walking through a nature reserve and back along the beach a few times when Sophia was in the kids club!

This reignited my love for walking outdoors in nature, so although there may not be the same warmth or blue skies at home in Scotland I would like to build a good walk into my weekly life. I have already had a couple of evening walks with a friend and been along the beach at South Queensferry. Walking outside helps calm us and put things in perspective.
On holiday I also enjoyed sitting down to dinner with my family, not rushing and appreciating the food and taking time to eat. In addition we actually had time to chat and enjoy each other`s company! So now we try to do this at least a couple of times per week. It is not always possible with shift patterns and kids activities etc

We all have responsibilities, chores, families, jobs –  but I think we all need a little fun too along the way, doing some activities we enjoy, doing something different every now and again, going somewhere different – as life can get overwhelming at times – too much to do and too much to think about.
Is there anything you would like to build into your weekly or monthly life, that you love, enjoy or simply makes you feel better? Here are some things I enjoy – please comment on what is fun or enjoyment for you.
• Having a walk somewhere nice
• Having a cup of tea and chat with a friend
• Going somewhere different with John and Sophia every now and then
• Swinging on swings, being silly like a kid again
• Having a swim and a sauna
• Going to see a funny movie
• Spending quality time with family

Anne xx