Our bodies and brains are amazing really. They do so much for us without us asking them to. Think of your heart beating, your blood pumping around the whole body carrying oxygen and nutrients to every cell, digesting our food and helping us move.

Did you know that according to latest medical research you actually have “2” Brains – one in your head and the other in your gut! They “talk” to each other via nerves that travel from the brain, neck and chest into your belly and vice versa. What one brain feels eventually the other one will. Wow!
I find this area fascinating and more and more research is detailing how having a healthy gut and the beneficial bacteria can positively influence health on many levels from helping reduce cholesterol, boost immunity, reduce inflammation, support weight balance and mood.

So with regard to the “2 Brains” link…..
If we feel stressed, tense or anxious about something in our life – think butterflies or tension knots in your stomach, diarrhoea, feeling nausea or loss of appetite. The Gut/solar plexus is the seat of our emotions and  we often “feel” our thoughts or worries there. We can also get our “gut feelings” here.
Or if your gut is not happy with certain foods you have eaten eg wheat, alcohol, dairy, sugar, junk food, additives or coffee for example, you have had stomach bug or taken medications such as antibiotics – this can affect your mood and behaviour. These foods and medications in many people can irritate our gut, deplete beneficial bacteria and thus irritate or upset our nervous system and brain chemicals contributing to low mood, anxiety, irritability or foggy thinking.

Did you know that is some individuals a yeast overgrowth can reduce the production of our feel good chemical serotonin as can a gluten sensitivity? There are just so many factors to us complex humans!
Another little reminder of the importance of eating as clean a diet as possible and acknowledging our worries and stresses and taking any steps we can to support our wellbeing.
Love Anne xx