I Help You Make Simple Changes to Transform Your Life.

I am a Dedicated Nutritional Therapist based in Edinburgh and the Lothians.

I don’t preach or judge, I just want to help you and support you on your journey.  I want to help you make simple, positive effective changes – to eat better to feel better whether you are a busy working mum, business person, student, carer or going through a transition such as pregnancy or the menopause. I have helped many people over the years change their diet and food with great results.

I provide practical, sound, effective nutritional advise to take into your daily life, helping you gain some control over your well-being. I do this via my 1:1 consultations or group workshops or talks in Edinburgh and throughout the Lothians.

I offer a free 15-minute consultation to see if Nutritional Therapy can help you.

Why Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy can transform your life, help regain lost energy and improve your mental well-being.
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My Talks & Workshops

They include Eat to Help Beat Stress, Eating for Energy Food and Mood and Feeding Your Family. Find out more

My book – From Stressed to Blessed – now available on Amazon. 

After experiencing crippling anxiety and low mood 2 years ago I decided to document what I was doing to help myself recover and in turn give others hope that they too could move on towards better health. My book is about my story and the small but meaningful lifestyle changes that I undertook such as exercise, gratitude, food, relaxation, self-compassion, slowing down and becoming more aware of my thoughts and how they made me feel.

The aim of this book is to help inspire others in any small way, it is written from my heart with the sole intention to share what I have learned and to help others start to create happier, healthier lives.  My hope is the book provides simple ways to make big improvements gradually overtime. 

Client Testimonials

“As a working mum of two, my eating habits were quite frankly a disaster.  Little did I realise that my eating habits were a major cause of my constant tiredness and fluctuations in mood.  Anne gave me healthy alternative suggestions to sugary.  Now I try to be organised with my lunch and snacks for work. Most of all I have learnt, that if I don’t look after my own body and keep myself healthy, it’s impossible to look after my family and keep them healthy.

I really have been so surprised at the huge effect making small changes can have on all aspects of well-being!”

Julie, Kirkliston
Individual Nutritional Therapy Client

“Anne is fantastic and very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does! I really enjoyed the workshop that I attended today and would highly recommend it to anyone! Thank you Anne for your enthusiasm and not to mention the lovely banana bread and peanut butter snacks! I had a wonderful afternoon, thanks again!”

Kerry, Edinburgh
Nutritional Therapy Workshop Client

“Fantastic information and a personally tailored support document.  Really friendly and passionate about what she does.  Could not recommend Anne highly enough!”

Lynne, South Queensferry
Individual Nutritional Therapy Client

“I understood after years of feeling unwell and having fatigue through my teenage years after having glandular fever,  I needed to take some proactive steps to improve how I felt.

As well as having acupuncture, I was drawn to nutrition.  After seeing Anne several times and understanding the positive and healing aspects of food, I started implementing small diet and lifestyle changes which have helped my general well-being, energy, skin and digestion.”

David, Orkney
Individual Nutritional Therapy Client

“Food education has helped us as a family – we are enjoying more home-cooked casseroles and soups in the slow cooker.  I am enjoying Epsom salt baths to help me feel calmer and help with sleep.  I have been sure to add protein into meals… and now I never feel hungry or have energy crashes and the weight is still slipping off gradually.

Nikki, West Lothian
Individual Nutritional Therapy Client